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digital microscope
digital microscope
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Professional 1600X Digital Microscope with 8 LED Endoscope Camera - USB Compatible for Phone, PC, Coin Inspection, and Soldering



Digital Microscope Newest 1600X Professional USB With 8 LED Endoscope Camera Magnifier For Phone PC Coin Soldering Tool


Discover the unseen with our newest Professional 1600X Digital Microscope. Equipped with an 8 LED Endoscope Camera, this microscope provides clear, detailed images and videos. Its USB compatibility allows for easy connection to phones and PCs, making it perfect for coin inspection, soldering, and other detailed work. Explore the microscopic world with precision and ease


High Magnification: Offers up to 1600X magnification, providing detailed images and videos of the microscopic world.

8 LED Endoscope Camera: Equipped with an 8 LED endoscope camera that ensures clear and bright images, even in low-light conditions.

USB Compatibility: Can be easily connected to phones and PCs via USB, allowing for real-time viewing and image/video capturing.

Versatile Use: Perfect for a wide range of applications, including coin inspection, soldering, and other detailed work.

User-Friendly Design: Features a sturdy stand for stable viewing and an easy-to-use focus wheel for precise adjustments.

Portable: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.

High-Quality Materials: Made with durable materials that ensure long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation: Comes with user-friendly software for quick setup and easy operation.

Magnification Ratio: 1500X - 3000X
Theory: Video Microscope
Model Number: MS5
Is Smart Device: YES
Features: High Definition
Features: Handheld
Features: PORTABLE
Features: Digital
Certification: CE
Certification: FCC
Certification: RoHS
Material: Plastic
Drawtube: Monocular